Certificate in Intellectual Property - Law, Policy and Practice

Last Date: 18th July 2018 

Scriboard Advocates and Legal Consultants in association with Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Pvt Ltd, bring to you a unique online certificate course on Intellectual Property and Management.

There are many courses and certificate programmes offered on Intellectual Property, but this is a first of its kind in India. This certificate course aims to provide an introduction to the law and management of Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation for those whose future career may involve the management of IP and innovation.  In a span of 12 weeks, you as an enrolled student, would be getting a deep insight of not only into the fundamentals of Intellectual Property, but also an insight on how major companies around the maintain their valuable IP assets. There are separate modules of Intellectual Property Strategies, Enforcement of IP, IP Valuation, Royalty and Licensing.

  • Law Firm certifying the course: Scriboard Advocates and Legal Consultants [Mr Rodney D Ryder shall be signing the certificate]
  • Course Fee: INR 2500 [inclusive of GST] – Last date to register – 18th July 2018
  • Duration: Self Paced [You can start any time and end anytime]
  • Book: Each student shall receive a book written by Mr Ashwin Madhavan and Mr Rodney D Ryder on – “Intellectual Property: Law and Management” [free of cost], published by Bloomsbury Publishing – www.bloomsbury.com [A world renowned publisher, headquartered at London, the United Kingdom]
  • Allotment of Course: 18th July 2018
  • You can start the course any time, as per your choice and end anytime as per your choice
  • Internship Opportunity: Those students who do well, shall receive an internship opportunity with Mr Rodney D Ryder’s law firm: Scriboard Advocates and Legal Consultants

Notable Features of the Course:

  • Taught by practicing lawyers who have an experience of more than 25 years in the profession, who form the core Enhelion team.
  • All lectures that are part of this programme are taught by practicing professionals.
  • All lectures are recorded and stored in Enhelion’s database for future use
  • Complete presentations with voice over features
  • Interactive sessions with the Enhelion Team at various intervals.
  • Examinations to be conducted online and assignments to be submitted online

Course Fee: Rs. 2500 Last Date: 18th July 2018

Medium of Instruction: Online [Study Material + Presentations – with voiceover + Online Lectures on Selected Topics from experts in the field]




  • Undergraduate or pursuing undergraduation in any discipline including law, business management etc
  • Medium of Instruction: English

Instructional System

[Online learning] the instructional system consists of:

  • Self-instructional material
  • Audio-video/Digital programmes
  • Online Support
  • Interactive Counseling [Mentor Monitored Programmes]

THIS IS A SELF PACED LEARNING PROGRAMME. You can complete it as per your convenience, however we strongly recommend that you finish within three months.

This course has been divided into six modules and each module will be taught by legal practitioners. The modules that will be covered in the certificate course are:

Module 1:     Understanding the IP Ecosystem

Module 2:     Fundamentals of Intellectual Property

Module 3:     Protection & Enforcement of Intellectual Property

Module 4:     Intellectual Property Licensing and Franchising

Module 5:     Intellectual Property Valuation Methodologies & Case Studies

Module 6:     Strategic Issues in Commercialization of IP

The Evaluation System for the Certificate course consists of two components:

  • One online MCQ based test worth 50 Marks  
  • 1 Project Assignment to be submitted online worth 50 Marks
  • Total = 100 Marks
  • Passing Score: 40/100

You will receive a certificate from Enhelion after successfully completing all the requirements of the certificate programme.

You will receive a certificate from Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Pvt Ltd and Scriboard Advocates and Legal Consultants