» Do I need to have any prior experience of taking an online Programme?

No there is no requirement for any prior experience or knowledge.

» Can I take the Enhelion course from anywhere?

Yes you can take any of the courses from any part of India and the world.

» What is the duration of an Enhelion course?

The GNLU diploma is for a duration of 1 year, where as the certificate courses are for a duration of 3 months.

» How do I access Enhelion courses?

Once you enrol in any of the courses of Enhelion, you will receive a user name and a password to access the learning management system [LMS] of Enhelion which has been developed by our technology partner BuildeSchool. Once you log in with the username and the password, you will be able to access the course in which you have registered.

» What kind of content will I get access to as a part of the course that I am enrolled in?

You will get access to excellent, well researched, high quality reading material. The contact as well as virtual classroom classes will be conducted by the Enhelion team who have a cumulative practice experience of more than 20 years, who ensure that the reading material and classes are kept relevant and contemporary.

» How do I make up for missing my lectures or lagging behind?

All online classes will be recorded. You will have access to all recorded classes.

» How do I know the order of studying the different topics in the Programme?

The topics covered in the programme will be based on the table of contents of the course material. We recommend that the participant follows the table of contents for a better understanding of the course.

» Does "Online Programme" mean there are no contact classes at all?

For certificate courses there will be a few online classroom sessions through our Virtual Classroom Learning Management software. For Diploma courses there will be online classes through our Virtual Classroom Learning Management system on a fortnightly basis for the diploma courses. No physical lectures will take place for the diploma programmes.

» What will be the mode of teaching?

The mode of teaching for the Certificate courses will be reading material as well as a few online lectures through our Virtual Classroom software. Some of the lectures will be taught by guest faculty who have a name in their field of practice.

» What is an Enhelion Certificate course like?

Enhelion certificate courses include reading materials, digital presentations, practice assignments, tests as well as Classroom teaching [which is not offered by any other education company in the country]. The lectures will be recorded and can viewed as many number of times. Classroom lectures are taught by practicing lawyers who have cumulative experience of more than 20 years. The practice assignments help you evaluate your progress in the certificate course.

» What is a GNLU Diploma course like?

Gujarat National Law University Gandhinagar [a leading National Law School in India] in technology collaboration with Enhelion have launched three online diploma programmes in: 1) Internet Law and Policy; 2) Intellectual Property: Law and Management; 3) Diploma Programme in Advanced Entrepreneurship Management and Corporate Laws. The Diploma programme includes reading materials, digital presentations, practice assignments, online classroom teaching which will take place on a regular basis. Gujarat National Law University will award the Diploma to all successful participants who fulfill the requirements of the diploma programme.


» Why should a professional [manager, academic or lawyer or student] study or gain a good working knowledge of Intellectual Property and Technology Law through the courses offered by Enhelion?

The programmes offered by Enhelion should be of use to those who have no prior experience or knowledge of these topics but who will in the future be, for example: a. Managing companies where Intellectual Property and Information technology form a key corporate asset, b. Directly or indirectly involved in the management of Intellectual Property within companies. c. Directly or indirectly involved in Information Technology Act compliance issues. d. Directly involved in the external management of Intellectual Property in the form of technology transfer, licensing or litigation, e. Involved with areas such as R&D management, where IP management/ innovation strategy has a significant role to play. f. Students of Business schools, law schools and media schools. g. Entrepreneurs who are about to start their own company

» Who is eligible for the Programme?

The minimum eligibility: Any undergraduate student who is part of an educational institution is eligible to join Enhelion programmes any GNLU Programme. You have to be a 12th class pass in order to be eligible. This means that even if you are not part of a university, you are still eligible for the course. THE MINIMUM ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA IS - 10 plus 2 pass. Business professionals, lawyers, managers and other professionals are also eligible to join the programmes

» Can I enroll in more than one Programme?

Yes you can enrol for more than one programme.


» What is the fee for the Enhelion courses?

GNLU Diploma Programme in Internet Law & Policy: INR 15000 [inclusive of all taxes] GNLU Diploma Programme in Intellectual Property: Law and Management: INR 15000 [inclusive of all taxes] GNLU Diploma Programme in Advanced Entrepreneurship Management & Corporate Laws: INR 15000 [inclusive of all taxes] FEE FOR THE CERTIFICATE COURSES VARIES. PLEASE DO HAVE A LOOK AT THE FEE IN THE FEE SECTION OF EACH CERTIFICATE COURSE.

» How do I make the payment?

FOR GNLU PROGRAMMES - payment will be made on the GNLU website - For Enhelion courses - Payment will be made online through our online payment gateway.

» Will there be a refund in case I do not want to proceed with the Programme?

No there will not be any refund.


» If I do not pass in the exam can I take the examination again?

Yes you can take the exam again. In the event of you not being able to pass, you can take the exam again upon payment of INR 250 for the certificate course exam and INR 500 for the Diploma course exam.

» Where can I take the exam?

Exam will only be conducted online through Enhelionís learning management software. The schedule for the same will be provided to all the students who are enrolled in the courses.

» What if I am unable to appear for exams at the last minute on account of an emergency reasons?

In the event of you not being able to take the exam at the last minute on account of an emergency, you will be able to take the exam again upon payment of INR 250 for the certificate course exam and INR 500 for the Diploma course exam.

» Who is Gujarat National Law University?

Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) is a National Law University established by the Govt. of Gujarat under the Gujarat National Law University Act, 2003. The University is recognized by the Bar Council of India (BCI) and University Grants Commission (UGC) (2f & 12b). The University is also member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and the University is functioning as nodal agency to uplift the legal education in the State of Gujarat

» How do I earn a certificate of completion?

Once you complete all the requirements of the programme in which you have been enrolled, you will earn the certificate of completion.

» Who awards the certification?

For Certificate courses, Enhelion awards the certification For Diploma courses, our university partner Gujarat National Law University [GNLU] will award the diploma.

» Who is Enhelion?

Enhelion is an online education company providing online certified programmes in Management, Law and Engineering. We are pioneers in this field and have perfected the art of providing education content over the internet to hundreds of students all over the world. Our advanced professional courses and related educational training certificate and diploma programmes are unique and for all working professionals and students. Our courses are designed for: School students Lawyers MBA Students Engineering Students Entrepreneurs Consultants/Managers Law Students The courses are based on the intensity levels and prior knowledge levels required by the student. The highlight of the programmes is the use of technology, in addition to classroom teaching and the creation of an additional virtual classroom for the convenience of the student.

» Will the exam be conducted online?

Yes the exams for the certificate and diploma courses will be conducted online.

» What if I do not take the exam?

In the event of you not being able to take the exams, you will able to take the exam again upon payment of INR 250 for the certificate course exam and INR 500 for the Diploma course exam.

» Will there be an evaluation at the end of the course?

The Evaluation System for the certificate courses consists of two components: ONE MCQ TEST AND ONE PROJECT ASSIGNMENT Students have to complete all the requirements in order to avail the diploma. The Evaluation system for the Diploma courses consists of 2 MCQ tests and one project assignment. Students have to complete all the components in order to avail the diploma.


» Still have questions?

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact the Enhelion team at

» For mentoring?

For mentoring please contact Chief Mentor Mr. Rodney D Ryder at

» Who do I contact, if something on the site isn't working?

Please send us an email at

» For admission related queries please contact the following individuals

a. James M. Director, Director, Academic Programmes Enhelion at Or you can call at +919654657603 b. Ashwin Madhavan, Director, Strategic Alliances & Operations Enhelion at or you can call at + 919990775833