Legal courses find takers in non lawyers
22 January 2016 [The Times of India]

Chennai: For Dineshwar Gaur, a civil engineer in the public sector, law was not part of his work, until recently. An arbitration, that he faced drilled in its importance.

Of Bar, bench and a career that is beyond compare
16 January 2016 [The Times of India]

Lawyer Rohan Mahajan got an unexpected call a few years back. Nirbhaya’s parents were calling for help when the case reached the Supreme Court. Mahajan brought in senior counsels to help on a pro bono basis (free of cost). “Everyone is helpless when it comes to legal support. While financial success is not guaranteed, you get the opportunity to help people and do something right,” said Mahajan.

IP isn’t just for lawyers
09 September 2014 [Live Mint]

A primer for business managers on the whats and hows of intellectual property protection. Intellectual property (IP) is the biggest asset class on the planet in terms of value, estimated to be at least $5.5 trillion in the US alone,” write Rodney D. Ryder and Ashwin Madhavan in Intellectual Property And Business: The Power Of Intangible Assets.

Online portals to explore for short courses that cover a range of compelling law specialisations
05 April 2014 [India Today]

Teaching is no longer restricted just to the classroom. Today, students can pursue any subject of their interest on the internet at any hour of the day with all aspects of classroom learning and evaluation remaining intact. India Today Aspire lists the most sought after online law portals for short courses on a variety of interesting law specialisations you won’t be able to help yourself from exploring.