I enrolled for the Legal Writing and Contract Drafting course offered by Enhelion. As students, we are all aware that it is very difficult to understand the practical aspects of law through doctrinal teaching alone. But I found the course very useful because it enhanced my perspective with regard to the format of legal documents. I am sure it will prove to be extremely useful to me in my legal career.

Prithvi Bhaskar, Student, NALSAR

The course primarily deals with the risks and compliance issues that businesses or corporate houses have to face in their everyday functioning.  There was extensive material with respect to the various modules and the online lectures were entertaining and informative. Queries and doubts were addressed instantly and efficiently. The Enhelion team ensured that all issues involving the intricacies of the programme were met without a hassle. This programme has certainly bid me well on a path to focused study in the respective field.

Shravya Murthy, Christ University

I found this course to be very helpful as we gained a lot of knowledge from it, which is beneficial for us till date and I’m sure that it will benefit us in the future as well. I would like to thank Enhelion for giving us this opportunity to learn a lot about Corporate laws and making us capable of attaining good scores in college and most importantly in getting us placed.

Shubhnit Hans - Student, Amity University

The Diploma on IP Management was very well structured. The live online classes were really efficient and helped clearing out doubts at the first level. The assignment topics were quite research oriented and being an IPR Hons student it helped me a lot.

The 3 best things about this course:

1) Online Live classes(which you can later access too) 

2) Evaluation based on both assignment and objective basis.

3) The course covered a whole new area and it was an accumulation of the best possible content.

 It was a great experience being a part of such a course. Thank you Enhelion for providing with such an opportunity. 

Ananya Bharadwaj - Student, KIIT University

Holistic approach towards study RTI laws around the world. Very helpful study material.

Rhythm Buaria – Student of Government Law College, Mumbai

I appreciate the Enhelion learning experience for the flexibility it offers to an average multitasking law student both with regard to learning as well as assessment. The promptness in getting clarifications and answers for varied queries is another reason why I would go back for another Certificate programme in the future. Compact, yet comprehensive study material, interactive presentations and easily understandable yet interesting content, superbly supplemented with case laws both national and international are other laudable features of the courses within this online learning medium.

Shriya Pandey, Student of the Certificate Programme in IP Law and Practice
Student of Symbiosis Law School, Pune

I owe a BIG THANK YOU to Enhelion. The certificate course has helped me in every way. I am thankful to the team Enhelion.The live online sessions and material provided by the organization helped me immensely in understanding the subjects. I would recommend every law student to join the courses offered by Enhelion. 
Cheers to Enhelion…!!! 

Sneha Ayachit, Student of the Certificate Programme in Intellectual Property, Law Policy and Practice

Enhelion aims at meeting a professional's unmet need/s.  I was keenly looking for a course that dealt with Internet related issues and was quite exhilarated when I found that Enhelion offered the same. The added advantage of having online lectures provide the flexibility of attending the classes at our convenience with a relaxed mind.   Having attended the course, I find it very useful and knowledge enhancing. 

Brunda Rao, Student of the Co Certified Diploma Programme in Internet Law and Policy with Gujarat National Law University

The Certificate course in Intellectual Property - Law, Policy and Practice, offered by Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Private Limited, is a well designed programme covering all related aspects of IP Law, IP Strategies, IP Management, Valuation and Licensing. The fact that some of the best legal brains teach the subjects makes it a class apart.The course content is of the best quality and the virtual classroom approach is best suited. I strongly recommend the course

Dr. Vikas Trivedi, Student of the Certificate Programme in Intellectual Property, Law Policy and Practice

Enhelion is perhaps the only institution in the country offering such diverse courses in the field of IPR and Technology Laws. I took a short course towards a “Certificate in Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection” recently. The courseware is exhaustive and online live lectures work seamlessly. The certificate program itself is well devised, coherent and effectively provides a good perspective of the emergent topic. The online platform is intuitive and encourages students to ask questions without disturbing the class. Kudos! ‚Äč

Smith HS, Student of the Certificate Programme in Information Security, Protection and Data Privacy