Employees: Sensitization & Prevention - Sexual Harassment

Safe working environment is a process designed for various levels of compliance and awareness with the latest mandatory legal requirement with regard to a safe working environment for women.

Program Benefits

Sensitization of employees that would enable the participants to learn from practicing lawyers as to:

  • recognize as to what really constitutes sexual harassment and what are harmless comments
  • aim at prevention of incidents rather than just remedies

Program Coverage

  • What has sensitivity of employees got to do with sexual harassment incidents?
    • Myths explored and dissected
  • Hostile Working Environment
  • What all constitutes a workplace/hostile working environment
  • Codes & conducts to be adhered to avoid any incidents
  • Empowering Women
  • To know your rights is half the problem solved
  • How to approach an incident to solve it more effectively
  • Other remedies


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Duration = 5 hours of intensive training intervention

  • The training methodology of this workshop is designed to be extremely facilitative, as the focus is to sensitize employees to the problem of sexual harassment.  
  • The teaching methodology will depend on the need and could be in one of the two forms:

- Fully Online with online live lectures and animated presentations

- Hybrid of online and offline methods

The program would use a mix of presentation, case studies to sensitize the audience and group discussions to identify and solve issues that participants may be facing [Group discussions would not be available in online mode].  Feedback shared by the group and trainer based on the activities will be documented as action plans at the end of the workshop.