Enhelion brings to you short one/two day certified courses, through our state of the art virtual classroom facility. These courses are brought to you by leading practicing lawyers through their law firms

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  • Certificate In Advanced Contract Drafting and Legal Writing

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Our Certificate Courses

Our long certificate courses portfolio includes programmes that are best suited for busy law students, business management students and working professionals. These courses are self paced, which means that you can learn as per your convenience. See below for more information

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Certificate In Intellectual Property: Law And Management

Gujarat National Law University proudly announces the opening of the registration process of its EIGHTH batch for the diploma programme in Intellectual Property – Law and Management  launched with technology partner Enhelion.

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Certificate In Advanced Contract Drafting and Legal Writing

This is a programme dedicated for the Indian audience. Contract drafting is the most important skill that a lawyer should have in today’s day and age. Contracts are very vital for any long term business relationship. An excellent written contract always fills an organization with tremendous confidence in dealing with business relationships.

All corporate professionals, business managers, lawyers, law students, entrepreneurs need to understand the nuances of a legal contract and should also know how to write a good contract. This three month certificate programme looks at contract drafting in a completely different light. Practicing lawyers whose main job is to draft contracts on a daily basis, would be teaching this programme.

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Certificate In Intellectual Property And The Internet

Intellectual Property in the Internet is a subject, which is not taught in depth in law schools across India. The team at Enhelion, with its rich expertise in IP Law in the internet sphere has developed a specialized programme that delves into the nuances of Digital Brand Management, domain name protection as well as other IP  protection related issues on the internet such as patents and copyrights.

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Certificate In Cyber Laws

This certificate course aims to provide an introduction to the Internet law in India for those who may seek a career in the technology industry. In a span of 12 weeks, you as an enrolled student would be getting a deep insight of not only into the fundamentals of Internet Law, but also an insight on legal issues pertaining to data privacy and protection, digital signatures. Separate topics related to intermediary liability are also discussed in detail in this course. You also get an insight into the legal issues related to Internet Banking

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Certificate In Information Security Privacy And Data Protection

Gujarat National Law University proudly announces the launch the EIGHTH Batch of the first ever one year Diploma programme in Internet Law and Policy with technology partner Enhelion. The world of cyberspace is changing and with it the law that governs the cyberspace is also changing. This Diploma programme will be taught by leading in house experts in the field of Internet Law who deal with legal issues pertaining to the Internet on a daily basis.

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Certificate in New Media Laws

Introduction Media has long become the cornerstone of many a democracy. The importance of media in today’s economic is unquestionable and unimaginably powerful. However, media also has to be regulated such that its powers are not abused. On the other hand media has to be protected against encroachment upon its basic rights. Media may range 

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2,500.00 1,750.00

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  • "Enhelion provides students and professionals a platform for knowledge and interactive learning. I had enrolled in the Contract drafting and Legal writing program with Enhelion. The course structure and modules were brilliantly crafted and drafted for a complete understanding of the subject. This has helped me in improving my legal drafting skills. Enhelion is not just a platform for knowledge but also opens up internship and job opportunities for students and professionals"

    Stithapragyan Patnaik

  • "I did my certificate course on Sports Law and Contract Drafting. They helped me understand the professional way of writing that our profession requires and made drafting quite simple for me. The course on Sports Law helped me broaden my understanding about the Laws that affect Sports in India and the world.

    Priyanka Kwatra

  • "I opted for an online course on Contract Drafting, as this was the first law subject that we had to study at grad school and it interested me. The course was outlined very well. It provided me with a deeper understanding of the practicality of the subject."

    Sai Niharika

  • "The certificate course that I enrolled for has helped me understand the practical applications of the legal world. It has helped me broaden my perspectives and has helped my understanding the importance of a contracts structure."

    Pranavi Bysani

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