Commercial Contract Drafting Course: Importance/Modules & Our Unique Approach

Contract is one of the strong evidence and it has a remarkably important role in public relations. A contract is a proof that there is a legal act happening in the society. Meanwhile, the need for evidence of contract in business relation is sharply increasing in line with the growing demand for legal certainty in a variety of economic and social relation. That is mainly because with an agreement made and poured in a contract, it will be easier to determine the rights and obligations of the parties so that the parties could avoid any dispute that might happen.

A business contract is part of the corporation strategy that takes an important role. This is because every business contracts contain legal snares and legal risks that must be understood as the corporation strategy in their effort to meet their own needs.

The skills for reviewing and drafting a legitimate business contract are part of the risk management in the business activities. It should be understood by every drafters of the said contract. The legal reasoning of every clause in the contract should be an ingrained skill within every contract drafters.

The drafting of commercial contracts cuts across all disciplines as it sets to benefit to all across be it accountants, commercial managers and procurement officers who are involved in reviewing Business to Business Contracts.

Since commercial contracts form an integral part of our day to day business this online certification course will help those enrolling into it to rcognize the key terminology used in contracts and to comprehend and analyse the key provisions contained in a Business to Business Contract from the perspective of both Buyer and Supplier and describe the key concepts concerning price and payment.

Recently the Supreme Court was dealing with a case Nabha Power Limited (“NPL“) vs Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (“PSPCL“) & anr was seized with the issue of interpreting provisions of an agreement and implying terms into the language of the impugned clauses.

The Court meticulously analyzed domestic and international jurisprudence on the concept of implied terms in contracts. However, while attempting to apply the said tests, the Court stated that such standardized principles should not substitute the Court’s own view of the presumed understanding of the commercial terms by parties.

It becomes extremely crucial that the contract clauses drafted should be clear and carefully drafted. The contractual intentions should be expressly clarified at the outset leaving less scope for future disputes arising out of different interpretations of the contract.

This commercial contract drafting course is apt to obtain a correct and comprehensive understanding of the things that need to be noted in the drafting of a contract and the legal consequences that might arise from it. The course will help in understanding the key issues concerning contract formation including offer acceptance and the ‘battle of the forms’ and apply this to factual scenarios.

The topics covered by Enhelion for this course are as follows:

  • Module 1:What information do you require to start drafting
  • Module 2: What are soft skills required for drafting a contract?
  • Module 3:What are corporate/commercial contracts?
  • Module 4:Boilerplate clauses
  • Module 5:How to negotiate
  • Module 6:Difference between mou and agreement
  • Module 7: Final representation and warranties


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