Intellectual property (IP) is a legal right over any unique, value-adding human creations. Such an IP is created when it meets the relevant criteria and one complies with the registration requirements according to the applicable provisions of law.

The relevance of the subject in today’s world- Intellectual Property can be of various kinds- copyright, trademark, patent, designs etc. A company may not always have the capacity to create its own IP. Hence, they use the IP of other organizations. How can this be done in such a way that it is beneficial to both the parties? This course has been launched by Enhelion in association with Scriboard Advocates and Legal Consultants to provide a better understanding of this. It helps to understand how contracts are formed to complete such transactions- their nature, essential clauses etc.

Our Online certification drafting course on IP contracts discusses in detail the concept of IP, types of IP contracts such as assignment, licensing, non-disclosure agreement etc. and their nature, the standard clauses in the contract etc.

Enrolling for this course will give the students life time access to the recorded lectures which are stored in Enhelion’s database. The course includes complete presentations with voice over features. All lectures are taught by practicing professionals. It also includes one to one interactions with Enhelion team encourages participation and better performance. The students get a books written by Mr. Ashwin Madhavan and Mr. Rodney D. Ryder on “Intellectual Property- Law and Management” published by Bloomsbury- a world renowned publisher.  Also, the students who do well in the written assessment of the course will get an opportunity to intern with Mr. Rodney D. Ryder’s Law Firm- Scriboard Advocates and Legal Consultants

The top law firms that specialize in IP practice are- Khurana and Khurana, R K Dewan & Co.,  Anand and Anand, Lakshmikumaran& Sridharan

This course will be essential for all business managers, businessmen, students of law and business, who in their day to day affairs would be dealing with Intellectual Property.

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