How Our Online Corporate Governance course Helps Reinvent Your Knowledge On Corporate Law


Corporate governance specifically refers to the set rules, principles, policy, resolutions in place to direct and control the corporate behavior.  It deals with balancing the interests of the stakeholders of the company with the community. A company’s Board of Directors is the primary influence structuring the corporate governance.

Company cannot function on its own. In this modern era a company is inter dependent on its shareholders, managers, employees, suppliers, investors, customers and to the society at large. Fulfillment of these obligations is ensured by good corporate governance which in turn improves the corporate performance and accountability. Hence, the knowledge and skill of good corporate governance can make the company more trustworthy and successful.

The consequences of poor corporate governance can be highlighted through the recent case of Ricoh India admitting that the company’s accounts were falsified and accounting principles were violated, leading to the loss of INR 11.23 billion for the financial year of 2016. Another example is the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam wherein the fraudsters used the PNB guarantee to acquire goods without the requirement of any collateral. The fraudsters repeated the same strategy at the time of payment of the previous guarantee. This occurred due to the poor governance on part of the auditors and management failure to take cognizance of the matter.

Enhelion’s online certification course on corporate governance elaborately discusses the acts and other regulations that deal with corporate governance. It discusses in detail principles of corporate governance, the policies, legal and regulatory framework in India.

This course will help you to get a better understanding of the regulatory framework and the relevant provisions of Companies Act, 2013 for corporate governance in India. You can get life time access to the recorded lectures which are stored in Enhelion’s database. Mentorship by practicing lawyers, one to one interactions with Enhelion team encourages participation and better performance. Also, the students who do well in the written assessment for the course will get an internship opportunity with Bhatt Law Associates.

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This course is essential for Company Secretary, Auditors, Lawyers, Risk Management Professionals

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