Public international law is a set of laws, regulations, and principles of general application that govern the relation between the nation states and the nation states and international organizations. With the advent of globalization and technological advancement, international law is of prime importance to maintain international peace and boost economic growth.

The globalization of legal practice needs the knowledge of international law. It helps law students get an insight of various legal systems and their influence on the national and international policies. The world has turned into an inter-connected single town where even a small event can affect people at large.

The effectiveness of the current regime of international law can be seen through the recent events. International Court of Justice awarded compensation for environmental damages for the first time in Costa Rica v. Nicaragua. In another case, Palestine filed a complaint against United States in International Court of  Justice for breach of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations for shifting Palestine’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The hearing of the case is still pending before the ICJ.

Enhelion’s self paced online certification course on public international law elaborately discusses the concept and extent of binding nature of international law, sources of law mainly focusing on treaty law, methods of peaceful settlement of disputes, role of international organizations, the concept of state responsibility and its relevance in the modern times. It also analyses the development of international law in the context of recent changes at the international level.

This course will help you to get a better understanding of the current legal regime of international law. You can get life time access to the recorded lectures which are stored in Enhelion’s database. Mentorship by practicing lawyers, one to one interactions with Enhelion team encourages participation and better performance. Also, the students who do well in the written assessment for the course will get an internship opportunity with Atharva Legal.

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This course is essential for every lawyer who aspires to expand their practice at the international level. Also, one can get job opportunities at the international embassy by gaining expertise in this subject.

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