Importance of our online Certificate course in Blockchain and the Law

Since Bitcoin appeared in 2009, the digital currency has been hailed as an Internet marvel and decried as the preferred transaction vehicle for all manner of criminals. The essence of Bitcoin is not the currency itself but the underlying technology that powers it. Blockchain is a replicating, distributed ledger that creates a record of peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a trusted authority.

The model is effective because it’s based on a distributed consensus, meaning that all parties agree on the value and transaction consistency. Not surprisingly, the technology found initial acceptance because it allowed a place where funds payments and transfers were immediate and transparent without the need for intermediary financial institutions. Additionally, once the data has been recorded, it cannot be altered without impacting all existing “blocks” of data.

Blockchain is a symbol of decentralized, highly secure transaction framework. Not only are companies eager to not lose out to competition, but are turning their attention to blockchain owing to the benefits it offers in terms of security, transparency, self-authentication, financial efficiency and shortened transaction times, in addition to being highly secure and ‘anti-fraud’ from its very inception.

Blockchain is expected to be the major game-changer as we see more and more transactions becoming digital with time. In fact, market analysts expect blockchain to be worth more than $25 billion in the next three years. With the SEC and other major regulators looking to finally break their silence regarding the legal standing of blockchain, the next few years can prove to be very interesting times.

The Online Certificate Course in Blockchain and the Law offered by Enhelion will expand your horizons and deepen your knowledge on a wide range of subjects, focusing on six chapters in total, like Understanding Blockchain Technology and the Law, Blockchains, BitCoins and Decentralized Computing Platforms, Digital Currencies and Digitized Payment Systems, Smart Contracts as Legal Contracts and Smart Securities and Derivatives, Understanding the Impact of Blockchain Technology and Blockchain and the Future.

Achieving the certificate provided by Enhelion will enable you to learn from industry practitioners and experts, whose teachings will be premised on the practical application of the laws involved instead of a theoretical approach. The course will also help students hit the ground running and stay ahead of the pack, instead of taking time to settle down and take additional time to develop an understanding of the practical nuances.

We at Enhelion believe that blockchain will impact the legal industry in a manner that it has never experienced before. Not only does blockchain have the potential to be a major service area for law firms or practitioners, it’s vast potential and applicability means that a decent and well-grounded understanding of the legal regulations surrounding blockchain would mean that a person would be well equipped to both work on blockchain transactions; and use blockchain technology to improve the efficacy of legal services offered, e.g. through using it for smart contracts or database management/security. Further, an understanding of blockchain can also help practitioners carve out paths within the financial services and technology advisory sectors.

In order to evolve a deeper understanding about Blockchain and the legal ramifications of it, take Enhelion’s certificate course. Law firms and private practitioners these days, want to hire people who already have skills developed to a certain extent, because no one would have the time to personally groom a new, young recruit. Enhelion courses can help you leapfrog this phase, giving you an equal footing with the best.

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