Intellectual property (IP) is a legal right over any unique, value-adding human creation. Such an IP is created when it meets the relevant criteria and one complies with the registration requirements according to the applicable provisions of law.

Technological innovation is the bloodline for the growth of every business. In order to survive in today’s cut throat competition, companies have to manage their IP effectively to avoid losses. Thus management of innovation better then the competitors is the key to survival in today’s economy.

A few instances where companies have excelled due to good IP management practices are- Geratech Zirconium Beneficiation Ltd. produces wide range of high quality, cost effective, value added zirconium chemicals and zirconium oxide. It manufactures  specialized zirconia products from dissociated zircon and sells them to a diverse industry in more than 60 countries. Also, Apple managed to get a compensation of 1 billion dollars for Samsung’s infringement of the memory chip and other components of Apple’s mobile.

This online short term certification course helps develop holistic knowledge starting from  introduction to law and management of Intellectual Property (IP), fundamentals of IP, the valuation of IP, strategies to protect IP and the enforcement of IP for protecting the value of the IP Assets.

The students get life time access to the recorded lectures which are stored in Enhelion’s database. The course includes complete presentations with voice over features. All lectures are taught by practicing professionals. It also includes one to one interactions with Enhelion team encourages participation and better performance. Also, the students get a books written by Mr. Ashwin Madhavan and Mr. Rodney D. Ryder on “Intellectual Property- Law and Management” published by Bloomsbury- a world renowned publisher. The students who do well in the written assessment will also get to intern with Mr. Rodney D. Ryder- Scriboard Advocates and Legal Consultants

The leading law firms that specialize in IP practice are Khurana and Khurana, R K Dewan & Co.,  Anand and Anand, Lakshmikumaran& Sridharan

This course will be essential for all business managers, businessmen, students of law and business, who in their day to day affairs would be dealing with Intellectual Property.

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