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The digital innovation in the world is reaching new heights by bringing new innovations every day One such innovation is the invention of drones. Drones since their inception have been put into numerous uses and the field of drone technology has been only pushing to its limit ever since. Now drones are used for defence purposes, cinematography, for recreational purposes, used by e-commerce websites for delivery purposes and many more.

The jurisprudential aspects of Drones laws have been evolving ever since. To govern the ever-evolving technology of drones, the Government of India, Office of the Director General of Civil Aviation came out with a Regulation Policy for Operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS). This regulation policy by the Government of India only marks the beginning of the development of Drone laws and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems in the Country.

In a few months, the number of disputes with regard to drones will only increase exponentially with respect to trespass, liability and such related issues. The Government of India to tackle these issues surrounding drones has launched an online complaints redressal platform to register complaints and resolve such issues with drones. To understand how the government is looking into the drone laws and how they function, it is very important to know the nuances of the drone laws and regulations which is currently functioning India. The practice around Drone laws has a great scope in India per se as this will be one of the emerging practices very soon, as it remains to be an emerging law and grey area with respect to the judicial pronouncements as well.

For the first time since the inception of the online IT platform called Digital Sky for handling drone-related applications and permission to fly drones in India in December 2018, a Bengaluru based company Skylark Drones has filed a complaint with the Digital Sky IT platform regarding not giving permission for the company to fly drones as the company did not meet the requirements for flying drones. This company is aiming at delivering food at people’s doorstep. Issues like this will start popping up more and more.

The Course offered by Enhelion gives an Overview and background of Drone Law which includes the history of use of drones, classification and contemporary applications of drones. The following chapters discuss the International Civil Aviation Organization, Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation and drones, the powers given to the Director-General of Civil Aviation with regard to the drone flying regulations in India. Analysis of the draft policy for Drone Operation in India and the loopholes which are present in the present system of regulations for drones in India.

The course which is designed by Enhelion is one of the most comprehensive courses offered in India which gives its students an in-depth understanding of the working, structure, and nature of drones laws present in our country. There are many companies including e-commerce websites which are working on drone technologies in our country, so the demand for a person who is having in-depth knowledge with regard to drone laws will be pretty high. The standard of courses which are offered by Enhelion is very good. The method of testing adopted by Enhelion is an appreciable method, as it gives both an MCQ test and a written assignment to analyze your writing skills, knowledge, and understanding of the subject.

I personally have taken up 3 courses from Enhelion and it has greatly helped in understanding and get to the know the subject better and personally has helped me perform better in my Law School as well.  Drone laws are one of the emerging areas of study and practice. So, anyone who is looking at a new area of study, research and even practice then drone laws should be your choice.

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