How our online certification course on Cyber Law prepares you for a successful career in one of the most promising legal practice areas of the future

In today’s techno-savvy environment, the world around us is becoming more and more digitally sophisticated and so are the crimes. Internet was initially developed as a research and information sharing tool and was in an unregulated manner. As time passed by it became more transactional with e-business, e-commerce, e-governance, and e-procurement, etc. All legal issues related to internet crime are dealt with through cyber laws. As the number of internet users is on the rise, the need for cyber laws and their application has also gathered great momentum.

The growth of Electronic Commerce has propelled the need for vibrant and effective regulatory mechanisms which would further strengthen the legal infrastructure, so crucial to the success of Electronic Commerce. All these regulatory mechanisms and legal infrastructures come within the domain of Cyber law.

Cyber law is important because it touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities on and involving the internet, World Wide Web and cyberspace. Every action and reaction in cyberspace has some legal and cyber legal perspectives.

The need for a deeper understanding of Cyber Law is bolstered by the fact that e-commerce and transactions on the internet are pegged to grow with time. Analysts even estimate that cybercrime will balloon to over $6 trillion annually by 2021. This will only mean that companies involved in the online space will look to bolster their cyber-security measures and expert personnel, fit to handle instances such as this. Additionally, transactions online are estimated to rise over three-fold in the next decade. With such growth prospects, understanding cyber law is a must for any legal practitioner.

The Certificate Course in Cyber Law offered by Enhelion will expand your horizons and deepen your knowledge, helping you understand the law and policy of the Indian Cyberspace, Jurisdiction in Cyberspace, Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures, Electronic Evidences, Data Protection, Privacy & Corporate Compliance, and the Legal Challenges to Internet Banking.

Achieving the certificate provided by Enhelion will enable you to learn from industry practitioners and experts, whose teachings will be premised on the practical application of the laws involved instead of a theoretical approach. The course will also help students hit the ground running and stay ahead of the pack, instead of taking time to settle down and take additional time to develop an understanding of the practical nuances.

Cyber law is slowly picking up the trend of being the selected field of practice for many. Although Indian firms do not have entirely dedicated teams of lawyers for cyber law service areas, foreign firms usually devote a lot of their time to crafting teams of Cyber Law experts, with firms such as Cleary Gottlieb, Norton Rose Fulbright among those hallowed names that boast of strong cyber law practice teams.

In order to evolve a deeper understanding of the Cyber Laws in India, take Enhelion’s online certificate course in cyber law. Having a strong grasp on Cyber Law can mean not only opportunities as an advocate for a client in a cybercrime case, but it can also open doors to being hired as a counsel by well-established IT companies and law firms that practice in this domain. Law firms and private practitioners these days, want to hire people who already have skills developed to a certain extent because no one would have the time to personally groom a new, young recruit. Enhelion courses can help you leapfrog this phase, giving you an equal footing with the best.

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