Insights to our Online certification course on International Commercial Arbitration and Its scope in the Legal System

It was once said by a very wise man and accepted by wiser minds later that ‘peace’ and ‘resolution’ is the real need of the world and it is also the key that shall take us towards development and growth. We see diversified nations today coming together with deals and settlements through the alternate means of resolution. It eradicates the shortcomings of the adversarial court procedures, especially the time and costs which are comparatively much lesser involved.

International commercial disputes today prefer arbitration as the key to all their potential altercations or any foreseeable issues for that matter. Apparently, almost all international as well as national commercial contracts today have an arbitration clause, addressing the nature, jurisdiction, allocation of the arbitration bench and other relevant aspects that their contract shall be subject to.

Foremost, this is a very consensual way to resolve the disputes since it takes place as per the consent of the parties and not by default submitted to any one nation’s judicial system, that might later face problems in implementation. Secondly, the process is cost-saving and timely, especially preserving the relations among the parties which is of great importance in the commercial world. Therefore, the concept and evolution of ICA is a pacing development with various upcoming opportunities for the individuals in this area, like working with the ICC and plenty of other international judicial and commercial organisations.

With regard to the same, assessing the requisites of this area, Enhelion has put together a certificate course in International Commercial Arbitration, enabling requisite learning along with an authoritative certification encouraging individuals developing in this area. The course can also be taken up by those who wish to simply explore this ‘must-have’ skill and knowledge in the commercial age today, as another feather in their hat.




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