Online Law course in insolvency and bankruptcy laws — Scope and career prospects

The world, including India is undergoing much changes and critical in consideration with regard to the insolvency and bankruptcy laws which are very vital to be analysed and recorded by everyone on the affecting end. The India code is apparently due for another set of certain amendments and given the current judicial and legislative processes, it is very eminent for the bankers, lawyers, accountants, management professionals and in fact everyone affected by the market to be aware of the deformities and with how are they being addressed by the authorities.

The insolvency and bankruptcy code of India, born in 2016 with an undertaking to unify the relevant and applicable laws in this regard and therefore was formed to serve the purpose of regulating timely and secured process of bankruptcy, insolvency and liquidation.

It does not require much emphasis to realise the sensitivity and significance of such processes for any company or organisation and thus its impact on the creditors and the market in toto. Neither can we ignore the fact from the apparent recent events in the nation with regard to the arbitrariness and questions faced by the code. One of the major issue is that there is a grave accumulation of plenty of pending cases with the judiciary that are old beyond the number of 270 days, despite the fact that one major purpose of the code was timely disposal of the cases within this specified time itself. The timely disposal clause is the essence of the code, directly determinant to the security of interest of the creditors too.

Besides an array of specializing options, Enhelion also takes up to render a 360 degree know how with regard to every course taken up by the users. A Certificate in insolvency and bankruptcy entails all the requisite information in order to understand the process and thus update themselves and keep pace with the evolution, as we say, knowledge is power and there is no alternative to knowledge.




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