Certificate in Space Law

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Enhelion is proud of launch an online course on Space Law with Vikrant Pachnanda Chambers. We all are fascinated with Space and the Universe at large. Space Law as a concept has evolved tremendously in the past 15 years and many international legislations have been enacted ever since man began the exploration of space in the early 1950s. The practice of space law is witnessing significant growth with many international law firms having separate divisions on Space Law. Students and professionals interested in this new and unique area of legal practice will learn unique concepts such as Basics principles of Space Law, Liabilities and Registrations, Space mining, space tourism and much more. We at Enhelion and Vikrant Pachnanda Partners welcome you to this unique experience of learning Space Law through online lectures and animated videos.

Key Features of the Online Course

  • Conceptual guide to understanding the law relating to outer space
  • Outlines the basic principles of Space law recognized by civilized nations
  • Discusses in detail the need for a national legislation relating to outer space
  • Examines the process of financing outer space activities

Important Information:

  • Law Firm certifying the course: Vikrant Pachnanda Chambers [Mr Vikrant Pachnanda shall be signing the certificate]
    Duration: Self Paced [You can start any time and end anytime]
  • You can start the course any time, as per your choice and end anytime as per your choice
  • Internship Opportunity: Those students who do well, shall receive an internship opportunity with Mr Vikrant Pachnanda’s Law firm

Course curriculum

  • Module 1: Historical Background of Space Law
  • Module 2: Basic Principles of Space Law
  • Module 3: Liability and Registration
  • Module 4: Current Issues Concerning Space Law
  • Module 5: Financing Outer Space Activities
  • Module 6: National Space Legislation


For the Certificate Programme, there will be one online MCQ test and one project assignment. You can take the MCQ test as per your convenience and the submit the project assignment as per your convenience. You have to secure a minimum of 40 percent overall in order to be eligible for a certificate.

Your Faculty

Vikrant Pachnanda is an Advocate having pursued his B.A. LL.B (Hons.) from Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar (GNLU), an LLM from Cornell Law School and an LLM in Advanced Air & Space Law from the International Institute of Air & Space Law at Leiden University, Netherlands. He presently judges both the National and International Rounds of the Leiden-Sarin International Air Law Moot, which is held annually and is the one of the only moot court competitions in the field of air law in the world. He had also participated in the said moot court competition both as a GNLU student and as a coach of the GNLU team in the past. He is also an aviation law consultant advising on several aviation related issues such policy related issues amongst others. He was one of the 8 students who were part of the first batch of students that enrolled in the inaugural course of air law at GNLU.

Mr. Vikrant Pachnanda

Course Faculty


Vikrant Pachnanda Chambers of Law is a full service law firm having specialization in Aviation, Space and Commercial Arbitration as well as Litigation in the High Court of India as well as the Supreme Court of India. The firm has offices in Delhi and Chandigarh.

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